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Badminton NC will once again host their FZ Forza Open! 

Be apart of this amazing tournament that sees a large turn-out year after year.

For more information; 

visit our Calendar page, or check out Badminton NC online or on Facebook

Terminus Badminton

Badminton Is All We Do!

Terminus Badminton provides a portal to constantly updated Southeastern Badminton information including clubs, schedules, coaches, stringing, tournaments, and other important news. We all love playing badminton but Terminus goes a step further by growing the sport and connecting players to constantly improve the badminton experience.

Little League

Atlanta, Georgia

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About US

Edward Levin (Admin)

Badminton has always been one of my biggest passions. My parents started playing badminton in Russia and started teaching my sister and I as soon as we could hold a racket. Finding clubs in the South was very difficult but we found a small club in Dadeville, AL which consisted of a 1 court gym. Then through the grapevine found the Homewood (Birmingham) Badminton Club which is where I spent most of my childhood playing. My sister and I then founded the Emory Badminton Club and traveled around the Southeast competing in tournaments. I now play consistently in the Permimeter Badminton Club (ATL) and constantly train for upcoming tournaments no matter how far away. I created Terminus to make sure there is no longer any doubt where to play and train for new residents and travelers. Terminus is an ongoing project and will constantly improve with new features.  Please spread the word!

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